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Greetings from Chair Terri N. Thompson

TCC College Board President Terri ThompsonWelcome to Tidewater Community College.

My colleagues and I are privileged to work with the college’s staff, faculty, and administrators in their important focus on Student Success.

The College Board consists of 12 City Council appointees with three each representing the cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach. We take pride in contributing to the college’s work.

As noted by President Baehre-Kolovani, TCC was founded on March 8, 1968, as part of the Virginia Community College System and provides open-access higher education and training to people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them to achieve both their individual goals and contribute as citizens and workers to the vitality of our region and an increasingly global community. We live in cities, suburbs and on farms. Our ethnic backgrounds span the globe. We are old and young, military and civilian. Furthermore, as stated in the college’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement, the entire college community benefits from experiences that foster mutual respect, celebrate differences, and value commonalities. With the college’s philosophy of “One College, One Voice, One Future,” the expectation for the TCC family is collaboration.

As we often say at Tidewater Community College, and with good reason: From Here, Go Anywhere.


Terri N. Thompson


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