Occupational and classroom safety & health

Tidewater Community College is committed to providing a healthy work and learning environment for all employees, contract staff, students, and visitors. The Public Safety Department ensures TCC’s compliance with federal and state occupational safety and health regulations, relevant environmental regulations, TCC and VCCS safety policies, consensus industry guidelines, and the Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Order 109 (2010).

Hazard prevention and control programs

While offices and classrooms are relatively safe environments, they do present risks that are often overlooked. The programs, resources, and links below are provided to ensure a healthy environment for the college community.

Hazard Communication Program
This program ensures all chemicals, and/or products used by TCC are evaluated and information regarding their hazards are communicated to employees.

Bloodborne Pathogens Program
This program protects the health and safety of employees who, due to the nature of their jobs, are potentially at risk of being exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

Permit-required Confined Space Program
This program establishes the standard precautions and procedures that must be implemented to eliminate potential hazards and ensure workers’ safe entry into permit-required confined spaces. This program also covers permit-required confined space entry performed by contractors.

Control of Hazardous Energy Program (LOCKOUT/TAGOUT)
This program establishes procedures to prevent worker exposure to unexpected hazardous energy associated with the service and maintenance of machines, equipment, or systems. It also outlines the college’s administrative lockout and tagout control procedures. Only authorized employees may apply lockout procedures.

Safe Teaching Environment Program
This program establishes a process by which all courses are assessed to determine risk levels and implement safe teaching practices to minimize these risks. This program also assigns responsibility and procedures for compliance with federal and state safety and health regulations as well as TCC safety policies, and VCCS safety policies within the teaching environment.

Instructional Program Hazard Analysis Worksheet - Appendix A (available on InsideTCC)
All instructional activities are evaluated using the Instructional Program Hazard Analysis Tool. Deans and/or their faculty designee(s) will use this worksheet to evaluate courses to determine their risk levels (Part 1) and also to select the appropriate personal protective equipment to minimize exposure to these hazards (Part 2). 

TCC Safe Teaching Practices Inventory - Appendix B (available on InsideTCC)
All instructional activities having a risk assessment at a medium or high level will be required to develop and implement a safe teaching practices inventory to compliment the Instructional Program Hazard Analysis Worksheet.