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American Sign Language

Interpreter Education: Standards

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(examples - not all-inclusive)

Critical Thinking

Critical Ability sufficient for processing language and interpreting situations

1. Apply the RID Code of Ethics in scenarios based on real-life incidents.

2. Accurately summarize, paraphrase, and recall messages in either ASL or English.


Communication/interpersonal abilities sufficient for interaction with others from a variety of social, emotional, cultural & intellectual backgrounds in verbal, non-verbal, written and sign language.

1. Establish working rapport with teachers, clients and colleagues.

2. Work cooperatively with classmates on projects and team interpreting.


Emotional health, adaptability, flexibility & physical tolerance sufficient to provide interpreting services to clients.

1. Function effectively in stressful situations and/or environment

2. Adapt to ever changing environments

3. Display flexibility

4. Interact appropriately with others

5. Tolerate physically and emotionally taxing tasks


Physical abilities sufficient to use sign language appropriately

Demonstrate mobility of upper body to produce signs that are clear, comprehensive and smooth.

Motor Skills

Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to produce sign language clearly and effectively

Produce clear signs, non-manual markers and clear and readable finger- spelling


Auditory ability sufficient to hear someone speaking at a normal volume

Hear and understand audio and videotape materials played at a normal volume and at a distance of at least 3 feet.


Verbal and physical ability to sufficiently be heard and understood at a normal volume.

Articulate and project voice at a volume and clarity that is understandable to a group of at least 20 people.


Visual ability sufficient for sign language to be seen at a normal distance

1. See and understand sign language at a distance of at least 10 feet.

2. Possess a visual field of at least 90 degrees

The above standards have been developed by Georgia Perimeter College and adopted for use in the ASL-English Interpretation Program here at Tidewater Community College. These standards support goals and philosophy of the program and its instructors, and provide a measure by which we can provide a consistent, fair, and high-quality education.

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