TCC Engineering Club CANstruction 2004

The TCC Engineering Club recently competed for the 7th year in a row in the CANstruction competition. This nationwide competition allows engineering companies (and student groups) to compete for awards by building creative structures out of canned and pre-packaged food items. The food is donated to the local food bank after the competition.
The TCC Engineering Club has been sponsored by Farm Fresh for the last 6 years. This year they generously donated all 8154 cans/boxes for the structure - a huge chess board featuring 8 life-size chess pieces with one of the kings (representing hunger) in checkmate. The TCC theme was "Put Hunger in Check" and took place in Greenbrier Mall.
Several students and faculty volunteered for many hours over a 2-3 week period to work out the details of the design, to cut and paint hundreds of cardboard templates, and to haul the 3 TONS of food between locations. List of participants

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TCC Participants in CANstruction 2004 :

Christina Schneider (captain)
Brandon Simpkins
Steve Work
Analiza Feniza
Shane Sault
Domingo Caratachea
Leroy Pimental
Han Choi
Daniel Wilkerson
Ariel Valdez
Chris Relopez
Matt Hillman
Steve Praizner
Rainham Rowe
Matt Webster
Lawrence Purnell
Alton Davis
Michael Perez
Justino Ondo
Paul Gordy
Steve Ezzell
Sergei Dolgalev