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Health Professions: Occupational Therapy Assistant


Admission and Prerequisites

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      Outcome data for graduates

Pre-admission requirements

  • BIO 141, Anatomy and Physiology (which has a pre-requisite of BIO 100, Basic Human Biology), with a grade of "C" or higher. BIO 141 must be completed by the end of the fall semester preceding the March 15 application deadline.
  • Placement into ENG 111
  • Complete MTE 5, MTH 158 or demonstration of math proficiency.
  • A 2.75 GPA or better in high school or previous college
  • Each student must complete at least 30 hours of volunteer, paid work, or observation time accrued in at least two (2) different Occupational Therapy practice settings. [details]
  • Download the Pre-Admission Clinical Experience form (PDF). This form is due at the time of application.
  • Documented attendance of at least one OTA program Open House within 12 months preceding application.
  • Applications accepted through March 15 of each year to begin the Occupational Therapy Assistant program the Fall Semester of the year of application.
  • Transcripts of courses already completed are required. Contact the Central Records Office at (757) 822-1900 to verify receipt of your transcripts

OTA Program Application

TCC Application (if not a TCC student yet)



Admission Decisions

  • Limited number of applicants accepted.
    Positions in this program are limited, so program faculty are not able to interview or accept into the program all applicants who meet the basic admission requirements. 
  • Ranking of applicants.
    Admissions decisions will be made on the applicant's ranking which considers academic record.  This policy is currently under review and subject to change. 
  • Acceptance into OTA program.
    Those students who meet and/or exceed admission requirements will be contacted for an interview.

Clinical Experience

  • Each student must complete at least 30 hours of volunteer, paid work, or observation time in an Occupational Therapy setting before he or she will be considered for admission to the Occupational Therapy Program. 
  • This clinical experience time must be performed in at least two different occupational therapy practice areas, however a minimum of eight (8) hours must be spent in each clinical facility
  • You may select any type of Occupational Therapy setting; however, you must visit at least 2 different settings.
  • Please remember that the Occupational Therapy Clinician's first responsibility is to the patients; therefore, there may be some delay in scheduling your observation times. 
  • You should begin contacting clinics as soon as possible to avoid problems in completing the required number of hours. 
  • Some clinics may have requirements for minimum number of volunteer hours which may be greater than 30 hours
  • You will need to abide by the facility's policies for minimum hours, even though this program only requires 30 hours.
  • It the responsibility of the applicant to locate and contact the facility.
  • A copy of the Pre-Admission Clinical Experience form must be completed for each clinic you visit, including the signature of the Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant who supervised the visit(s), and submitted with your application before your application will be considered for admission and you are scheduled for a personal interview.




Outcome Data 2012-2014


Total number of program graduates 76
Total number of first-time test-takers of the NBCOT exam 74
Total number of first-time test takers who passed the NBCOT certification exam 63
First-time test-takers pass rate 87%
Student retention rate 2012-2014 95%


Jobs after graduating.
Between 2012 and 2014, 90% of all graduates who sought employment found jobs within six months of graduating the program.


The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is accredited by:

The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE)
of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
4720 Montgomery Lane Ste 200
Bethesda, MD 20814-3449
Phone: (301) 652-2682

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