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Awards and Honors: Promising Practices Award

Tidewater Community College is one of eight U.S. colleges and universities selected to participate in a project to highlight promising practices in international education. According to The American Council on Education, the eight colleges and universities are "known for their outstanding achievements in internationalizing their undergraduate programs."

"I am delighted that the college's internationalization program has been selected for this most prestigious recognition," said Deborah M. DiCroce, president of TCC. "Indeed, the program is critically important to advancing the college's strategic vision for the 21st Century, a piece of which includes preparing our students to function in a world that has become increasingly global in mindset."

The eight institutions selected from a pool of 57 applicants are Tidewater Community College, Appalachian State University (NC), Beaver College (PA), Dickinson College (PA), Indiana University, Kapi'olani Community College (HI), Missouri Southern State, and The State University of New York, Binghamton. Each institution was cited for the creative and strategic ways they have integrated international activity into their mission, curriculum, and student life.

Tidewater Community College was cited for having "launched a comprehensive internationalization program 13 years ago that provides faculty with multiple opportunities to travel and study abroad, established sister colleges in five countries, and created short-term study abroad courses tailored to the needs of community college students. The college has also mentored nine other community colleges on enhancing their international programs, and built a consortium that offers students opportunities to understand the developing world."

"These eight are models for other institutions to improve the quality of international education on campus," said ACE President Stanley O. Ikenberry in announcing the selection.

As part of our Promising Practices Award, Tidewater Community College is currently drafting a self assessment document for final presentation to the American Council on Education. This project is headed by April Campbell of the Portsmouth Campus. She is charged with compiling data on numerous topics and forming a comprehensive document that details the internationalization process as it has evolved here at TCC. To do this, she has assigned topic areas to individual committees throughout the college. Below, please read about the topic areas and who is responisible for that piece of the final presentation.

So why do an assessment at all? The goal is to amass information that will assist the review team in identifying important issues and problem areas. TCC is considered a leader in International Education throughout the country, and the time has finally arrived for the college to determine what got us here, what works and what doesn't, where do we want to go, and how do we get there?

Responsible Party
Basic Information
Barbara Johnson
This section includes a brief overview of the institution itself including a history, major institutional focus, major benchmarks and growth over the last decade. Additionally, this part of the report should also include the history of our internationalization process listing major milestones and current status of programs.
Internationalization Mission and Goals
Judy Gray ~ Ken Spencer ~
Rick Alley
This section should describe the institution's vision, goals, and mission in regard to internationalization. How does internationalization link into college policy and programs, and what is their effectiveness in the current enviroment? And finally, yet perhaps most difficult, what is the mission of internationalization itself?
The Enviroment

Fran Jacobsen ~ Dave Sieg

What is the local and the national environment on issues of internationalization? How does this help or hinder the process here at TCC? This part of the paper will research the special characteristics of Hampton Roads as it relates to the internationalization effort.
Institutionalization Strategies and Plans
Ed Gibbs
What is the Institution's Strategic Plan and how does internationalization fit into this plan? What are the goals that seek to prepare our students for a global arena and how effective and/or realistic are they? Where do faculty and staff fit within these goals and guidelines?
Organizational and Support Structures

Jeanne B. Natali ~ Donna Zimba ~ Susan de Veer ~ Patty McGuire

What are the structures that support internationalization and how effective are they? Who is responsible for the internationalization effort at the college, and to whom do these bodies report?
Financial Support and Resource Allocation for Internationalization

Jeanne B. Natali ~ Donna Zimba ~ Susan de Veer ~ Patty McGuire

This section details the external and internal sources of financial support that feed international programs and the internationalization process at the college.
International Dimensions of the Curriculum and Co-Curriculum

Dr. Terry Jones ~ Fritz Zeisberg

Using category groups as guidelines, this piece of the paper will describe the state of internationalization at TCC. It will also add an assessment of strengths and areas needing improvement.

The guidelines for curriculum are

  1. Admissions and graduate requirements in foreign languages & global education,
  2. Foreign languages,
  3. General education requirements.

The guidelines for co-curriculum include

  1. Clubs
  2. Services dedicated to international activities.

Study Abroad

  1. Number and gender of participants
  2. Length of trips
  3. Disciplines
  4. Participation of under represented groups
  5. Grants and loans that are made available specifically to study abroad
  6. Credits Awarded
  7. Program Cost

Foreign Students and Scholars

  1. Numbers and genders
  2. Sending countries and average length of stays
  3. Services provided
  4. Visa status
  5. Support funding
  6. Motivation for coming to TCC
  7. Ties to International Efforts

Faculty and Staff

  1. Numbers involved in international teaching, administration, development and cooperation (related to instruction) and other activities (specify)
  2. Previous experience abroad (study abroad, intern, service)
  3. Funding opportunities (internal) for international activities.

Community services and international partnerships research (students/faculty) with international connection links to the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Overall Conclusions and Recommendations about Internationalization

April Campbell ~ Patty McGuire ~ Whole Committee

In this section, the paper will summarize the conclusions about internationalization at TCC and will seek to make recommendations for changes to our international plans, our goals and visions, and our strategies.

Timeline for the ACE/Carnegie "Promising Practices" Project
June 2000
July 2000
August 2000
September 2000
October 2000
November 2000

Draft Criteria for Selection

Create Guidlines for Project

Website Developed

Compile List of Nominees or Candidates

Begin Draft of Self Assessment

Application on the Web

Organize Reviewers

Work on Self Assessment

Applications due 9/5/00

Review of Applications

Draft Self Assessment

Participants Selected (Carnegie 8)

Notify Carnegie 8 Institutions

Institutions Organize Teams

Summaries on Web

Meeting with the Carnegie 8

Create your own Self Assessment

December 2000
January 2001
February 2001
March 2001
April 2001
May 2001

Participants Start the Self- Assessment

Site Visits by Project Director

Site Visits by Project Director

Follow-up with Participants

Work on Profiles and Self- Assessment

Draft of Profiles Due on 3/30/01

Work on Self- Assessment

Draft of Self- Assessments to Site Visit Teams Due May 15

June 2001
July 2001
August 2001
September 2001
October 2001
November 2001

Telephone Conference with Institutional Site Teams

Draft of Final Reports to Carnegie 8 Due on 9/14/01

Site Visits by ACE Team

Profiles Feedback from Carnegie 8 Due 10/05/01

Site Visits by ACE Team

Profiles Report Due

Revise Profiles Report

Carnegie 8 Workshop in DC October 29-30, 2001

Profiles Published