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TCC's student clubs and organizations offer diverse opportunities for you to to get involved in your campus and the community. Joining a club or organization can help you make new friends; develop leadership skills; support causes important to you; and put your classroom knowledge to use.  

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Have questions about starting a student organization or club, promoting upcoming events, or reserving space for meetings? Contact:

Terrence Bowers 
Associate Director, Norfolk Student Center
Phone: 757-822-1985


Culinary Arts

Purpose: Act as a source for culinary arts students for networking, community service, and fundraising.

Chef Don Averso

Mu Alpha Theta

Purpose: Stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarships and by promoting various mathematical activities.

Julia Arnold

Honor Societies

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Purpose: Organize, recognize and elevate high achievers by offering scholarships as well as career and graduate networking opportunities.

Carly Gelles

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) -Beta Zeta Upsilon Chapter

Purpose: Promote scholarship, the development of leadership, and services and cultivation of fellowship among qualified TCC students.

Colleen Banks


STORM Ambassadors

Purpose: Provide student leadership to campus through participation in student services based events such as open house, registration drives, and campus visits.

LaToya E. Smith

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)

Purpose: Provide leadership and mentoring opportunities to young male students struggling with academic or personal issues and provide a positive element for their future.

Emanuel Chestnut

Student Government Association (SGA)

Purpose: Establish channels of student-faculty-administration communication, to develop campus and college activities, to encourage participation in campus and college life, to develop student responsibilities, and to protect individual and student group freedoms in all areas.

Terrence Bowers


Human Services Club

Purpose: Mentor the professional development of future human services professionals and assist in the facilitation of their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance.

Ivory Warren

Rotaract Club

Purpose: Focus on producing positive, productive young men and women and to enhance personal well-being while reaching out to neighboring communities.

Ivory Warren


Alliance of Excellence

Purpose: Create a unity within women on campus to grow and learn while giving back to the community and setting a standard for excellence.

Jennifer Dixon-McKnight

The League of Extraordinary Men

Purpose: Give men the means of becoming better men through brotherhood, community service, scholarship, uplifting, accountability, and teamwork.

Jennifer Dixon-McKnight


Anime Club

Purpose: Promote the appreciation of ancient and modern Japanese culture through animation and graphic novels as well as build positive social interaction and camaraderie among students; allow students to enjoy a friendly, peaceful, competitive environment and to increase knowledge of gaming culture and careers.

Paul Brown

Children First

Purpose: Serve as a united voice of students interested in Early Childhood Education, provide support for students in the field or class, lead students in extra-curricular activities, and provide resources for early childhood in the community.

Cassandra Andrews

High Tide Club

Purpose: Allow students to openly express themselves through public speaking in forms such as broadcast, podcasts, spoken word, and more.

Josh Howell

Hip Hop Club

Purpose: Bring together those who love hip hop, performing, and learning about the arts.

Josh Howell

Humanities Behind Bars

Purpose: Increase TCC’s accessibility to formerly and currently incarcerated people; spread solidarity with the incarcerated population of local jails; and spread awareness of conditions at local jails

R. Christopher McCammon​

Music Club

Purpose: Explore music through peer tutoring, performing, and studying the arts.

Shannon Ponack

Orchestra Club

Purpose: Provide members with a vehicle for enjoying and developing music talents, performances, promote awareness for the arts.

Jeannette Winsor

Reading & Writing Club

Purpose: Nurture a lifelong appreciation for books, reading, and writing in the TCC community. 

Sylvie Green Shapero

True Dance Fusion

Purpose: Help students who love dance prepare for organizations such as dance teams, marching bands, cheerleading, and more.

Racquisha Burke

Unity Club

Purpose: Support and resource for the LGBTQ community.

Josh Howell

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