what is a database?

what is found in a database?

who produces databases?

how is a database searched?

when is a database used?

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Author: Beverly D. Hills, MSLS
Created: 20031007
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Who produces databases?

Anyone can produce a database. If you have a personal telephone/address book, you have produced a database.cookbook

  • Individuals produce databases every day. Organized by title, ingredients, or calories a database can be created from a collection of recipes.

  • Government agencies produce many databases, especially in the U.S. You can find health, crime, agriculture, and all types of statistics. Since taxpayers pay for the government, most government information is free to the taxpayer.

  • Commerical vendors produce databases. If there is data, there is a need to organize it and make it searchable. That's where the commerical vendors make their profits. Many libraries pay subscription fees for commerical databases. Just take a look at the list of titles available to Virginia Community College students.