what is a database?

what is found in a database?

who produces databases?

how is a database searched?

when is a database used?

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Author: Beverly D. Hills, MSLS
Created: 20031007
Comments: bhills@tcc.edu


How is a database searched?

Data in a database is structured into a data record. Each record is made up of several fields. So a recipe database may consist of records of recipe cards each with fields such as title, ingredients, calories, and serving size.

Databases usually offer key word searching so you could search for "chocolate" anywhere in the recipe. Chocolate could be in the title or the ingredients fields.

Databases usually offer field searching so you could limit your search to find "chocolate" only if it is in the ingredients field of a recipe database.

Database often use controlled searching to group records together. For example, a recipe database may use only the subjects of breakfast meal, lunch meal, or dinner meal. That way all the meals for dinner would be grouped together even if some searchers use the word supper instead of dinner.

Visit Searching (Research 101) at the University of Washington and learn about records, fields, and how to build an effective search.