Understanding Class Section Codes

Class section codes identify when a class is offered, the class delivery method and its location.

 This example of a course schedule listing for section DZ1B indicates that it:

  • is a day lecture class
  • does not require the purchase of textbooks
  • is held at the Virginia Beach Campus

illustration of the course schedule listing
Be careful not to schedule a class at one campus and a class immediately following at another campus or location. Verify the campus location each time; it’s the most common mistake made during the registration process.

First Letter or Number of the Section

DZ1B – Indicates when and delivery method

D   Day Class
N   Night Class (starts after 4:30 pm)
L   Laboratory Class
V   Compressed Video Class
O   Online Class
U   Dual Enrollment Class
S   Service Learning Class
W  Weekend Class—Friday Night, Saturday or Sunday
I    Independent Study Class
H   Hybrid Class—Online Class with a number of on-campus meetings
1   1st Four-Week Session (MTE)
2   2nd Four Week Session (MTE)
3   3rd Four-Week Session (MTE)
4   4th Four-Week Session (MTE)

Middle Letters or Number of the Section

DZ1B — Indicates “zero cost” textbooks for class and/or the simplified section number

Z   Students will not need to purchase any course textbooks and will need regular, reliable access to the Internet to view course materials.

##   Numbers in the middle indicate the simplified section number.

Last Letter or Number of the Section

DZ1B — Indicates location of class or the campus offering the class for an online class

C   Chesapeake
N   Norfolk
P   Portsmouth
  Virginia Beach

Off-Campus Codes

When the section number ends in a numeral (0-9), the letter K, or a hyphen (-), the class is held at an off-campus site.

Confirm locations in the online class schedule (tcc.edu/schedule) a few days before class begins. Register for classes at military facilities only if you have access.

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