Graduation from TCC

The college certifies graduates for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters

A Commencement Ceremony is held twice a year in May and December. Summer graduates' names will appear in the December commencement program.

Commencement information
Before you submit your application for graduation, meet with your academic counselor/advisor to ensure you:

  • Are listed in the correct program plan and catalog year
  • Have completed or are registered for all remaining course work required for your plan
  • Apply for the appropriate graduation term
  • Verify/update your myTCC mailing address

Graduation status

We encourage you to refer to the college catalog, your advisement reports, and your academic advisor to check your status and progress toward completion of your program.

Students who submit the graduation application early in their final semester will receive a graduation status letter in Message Center.

Graduation applicants are not reviewed until the middle of the graduating semester (after enrollment changes are complete/closed).

If you apply within 6 weeks of the end of the semester your name may not appear in the printed commencement program and/or on the commencement t-shirt. 

Degree posting

We begin our final review of all graduation applicants approximately 3 business days after the end of the semester, and the degree posting process takes 4-6 weeks to complete. 

You are advised to monitor your unofficial transcript in SIS to see when your degree has been posted. Students who earned a degree, certificate or career studies certificate will receive an email message (via your myTCC email account) regarding graduation status and diploma information once all degrees have been posted and diplomas have been ordered.

Reapplying for graduation

Graduation applications are not automatically carried forward to another semester. If you do not meet your requirements in the semester you apply for graduation, you must reapply for the semester in which you will meet graduation requirements.

Diploma delivery
  • Diplomas for Fall term graduates are typically mailed in March
  • Diplomas for Spring term graduates are typically mailed in August
  • Diplomas for Summer term graduates are typically mailed in October


Requesting replacement diplomas

You may request a duplicate diploma, provided that you do not owe any outstanding debts to the college.

Complete and submit a Request for Replacement Diploma Form by mail or fax. Reissued diploma requests approximately take 5 to 7 business days for processing.

Graduation FAQs

What do I need to do to graduate?

You must apply to graduate using the online Graduation Application form.

Is there a graduation fee?

There is no graduation application fee.

Does the graduation application need to be submitted by a certain date?

Yes, the application deadline is the last day of instruction of the graduation semester. 

Students who submit the graduation application early in their final semester will also receive a graduation status letter (approved, pending, incomplete) from the graduation team.

Graduation applicants are not reviewed until the middle of the graduating semester (after enrollment changes are complete/closed). 

I am graduating in August. Can I attend the commencement ceremony in December?

Yes. If you submitted a graduation application for the Summer term and have completed the requirements to graduate, you can participate in the December commencement.

Will I receive any information about my graduation status and the commencement ceremony?

Yes. Students who submit the graduation application early in their final semester will also receive a graduation status letter (pending, incomplete) from the graduation team.

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the commencement ceremony, students who have been reviewed for graduation will be sent a letter containing ceremony-related information, as well as an email with the same information. Students can also find important commencement information on the TCC Commencement page.

When will I know if I did everything required for graduation?

You can obtain a degree audit by logging into your myTCC account. If, after reviewing the degree audit, you need further assistance, please see an advisor or email

I received a letter stating my degree requirements were not met. What do I do now?

If you feel this determination is inaccurate, follow the steps below to review your advisement report in SIS:

  1. In the Self-Service menu, click Student Center
  2. Under Academics, click My Academics
  3. Click View My Advisement Report

Once you review the information you should be able to identify the areas that appear incomplete for your graduation.

Please note: You may be incomplete due to a catalog year that is older than 6 years. Please meet with a counselor or academic advisor to discuss any outstanding requirements and/or notify us at of any approved substitution petitions, or transcripts that are on the way.

If you do not meet the requirements for the term in which you applied to graduate, you will need to resubmit a  Graduation Application form when you have completed the requirements.

When do I request my final official TCC transcript showing my date of graduation and the degree I was awarded?

You may request official transcripts at any time. However, if you are graduating this semester, when placing your transcript order, you may mark Hold for Degree if you want us to wait and send your transcript only after your degree is posted.

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