Student forms

This page contains many of the commonly used forms by TCC students. All forms are fillable PDFs unless otherwise indicated.  

If you have any questions about the forms, please contact TCC's Information Center at or 757-822-1122.

Admission & Domicile

Academic Renewal Petition
Use this if you are returning to TCC (after 5 or more years) and wish to have your academic record adjusted according to the Academic Renewal Policy

Admission Application (Online) 

Printable Admission Application (PDF)

Application for Admission or Readmission After Suspension or Dismissal
Use this if you wish to enroll at TCC and have previously been dismissed or suspended from TCC or another institution

Application for Military, Dependent and Veteran Exception 
Use this to claim eligibility for in-state tuition if you are active duty military or dependent

Domiciliary Appeal Application 
Use this to appeal the domicile decision by a campus

Domiciliary Reclassification Application Use this to claim eligibility for in-state tuition

Health Professions Program Application 
This application must be completed to be considered for admission into any of TCC's Health Professions programs

Parent or Legal Guardian Signature (for Applicants Under the Age of 18) 
Use this if you applied to TCC but did not obtain your parent or guardian's signature on your application


Credit by Examination or Experiential Learning Form 

(online) Curriculum Change Request Form
Use this to request a curriculum change in SIS

Enrollment/Registration Worksheet 

(online) Request Transfer Evaluation
Use this to request evaluation of credits earned from other educational institutions.

(online) Graduation Application 
Use this form to submit your application for graduation from TCC

(online) Intercampus Transfer Request Form 
Use this to change your campus of record

Petition for Course Substitution
Use this to request a substitution for a TCC course

Petition for Course Waiver
Use this to request a waiver for a TCC course

Petition for Incomplete Grade
Use this to request an incomplete grade if you are unable to complete a course within the normal course time

Petition for Late Withdrawal
Use this to withdraw from an individual course past the withdrawal deadline

Petition to Audit a Class
Use this to take a class without receiving a grade (non-credit)

(online) Prerequisite Waiver Form
Use this if you are registering for a class at TCC and need to verify completion of the pre-requisite at your home college or university

Request to Waive a Prerequisite/Co-Requisite
Use this to request a waiver of a pre- or co-requisite course

VPT Proctor Request Form
Use this to request remote access to take the placement tests

Student Complaint Form   
Use this for alleged improper, unfair, arbitrary, or discriminatory treatment by TCC employees or third-party contractors.

Student Complaint Appeal Form
Use this when the complainant or respondent disagrees with the outcome determined by the administrator either because of a belief that the process was not followed or that errors were made in the process

Military, Veterans, Spouses & Dependents

Active Duty/Veteran Placement Test Waiver Request 
Use this to request a waiver from taking the Virginia Placement Test based on your military Active Duty or Veteran status while speaking to an academic advisor

(online) Enrollment Certification Request Form
Use this form if you are using or plan to use your VA Education Benefits at TCC

(online) Education & Training Plan Request Form
Use this form to request a MyCAA Education and Training Plan

(online) Tuition Assistance Hold Request Form
Use this form to request a hold be placed on your classes while you wait for your military tuition assistance (TA) voucher

(online) VSOC: Vet Success on Campus
Use this form to request help from VSOC Counselors with career counseling, academic advising, impact of disabilities related counseling, VA benefit counseling, referral to resources, employment etc.

(online) Military Contract Programs
Use this form to request information about high-quality, affordable professional and personal development education and certification programs

(online) Workforce Solutions/Military Contract Programs Enrollment Certification Request (ECR) Form
Use this form if you are using or plan to use your VA Education Benefits at TCC for Continuing Education or Professional Development programs

(online) TCC Student Veterans of America
Use this form to join TCC’s SVA which supports interactions of all military related students at TCC on all campuses

Steps to using MyCAA Benefits

Steps to using Tuition Assistance

Steps to using VA Education Benefits

Request for Evaluation of Previous Educational Experience

Request to Transfer Educational Benefits

Student Financials

Senior Citizens Tuition Assistance Form
Use this if you wish to take a class for college credit and use the senior tuition waiver

Lost Check Affidavit
Use this to report a refund check that was lost or not received.

Tuition Refund Appeal Form
Use this form when requesting a tuition refund due to extenuating circumstances.

View TCC Financial Aid forms 

Student Records

Transcript Request Form
Use this to obtain an official transcript in person at a campus Enrollment Services Office.

Online Transcript Request
Use the link below to order a transcript online through Parchment.
Order a transcript online

Non-credit Transcript Request Form
Use this to obtain an official transcript for courses taken through TCC Center for Workforce Solutions.

Student Data Change Form
Use this to change your information or add your SSN in SIS

Consent to Release Educational Records Form
Use this to authorize the release of your educational records to a third party.

Verification and Certification Release of Information Form
Use this to authorize the release of your TCC information to a third party

Prohibit Release of Directory Information
Students may prohibit the release of directory information through submission of this form to any campus Enrollment Services Office within one week after the initial day of class during any regular semester/term.

Disability Support Services

(online) Report a Barrier Form
Use this form report a campus access barrier to TCC's Office of Educational Accessibility.

(online) Electronic Textbook Request Form

Dual Enrollment

Application for Dual Enrollment 
Use this form to apply for Dual Enrollment at TCC

Testing Evaluation Form
This form is used by high school counselors to evaluate college readiness of dual enrollment students

Dual Enrollment Placement Testing: Permit to Test for Reassessment/Absentee Testers Form

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